Sorry, but I had to remove the entire thing.

Google basically flagged my entire domain for malware, and the launcher was the reason.

From what I understand, there's no malware in it, but parts of it definitely behave like it was - specifically, some extensions to the software I used (Multimedia Builder - the extensions were PowerDIR and FileExplorer) to make this are using .dll files that get copied into appdata's temp folder so it can actually work, so no wonder it's setting off flags.

There was an installable version being made (so none of this manual copying silliness), though after the first malware flaggings happened I stopped working on that and tried to make a version in C# but I'm not actually a programmer and it just seemed outside of my scope/abilities.

Does anyone know of a good free (or cheap) tool to make GUI apps? Just keep in mind that I have a LOT less free time than when I originally put this together, so it may take a long, long time to learn whatever new software I'd use and put something together.

I do apologise for the whole blunder.

Also, if there's a programmer out there who could build something like this, you're VERY welcome to! I'm much better with building visuals so I can still help you there.


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Instructions: install.txt